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Advent Calendar, English Rules

The tradition of the calendar was born in German-speaking countries as a way to fill the waiting period of Christmas. In fact, the beginning of Advent Calendar does not coincide with the Advent of Christians, but with December. So from December 1st to December 24th we end up on December 25th.
In this formula it is now spread all over the world and has a consumer connotation just as it is now Christmas. Every number of the day in the form of a  bag is filled with candy, sweets, and a fantasy all you want.

What to do? From the first to the 25th of December to complete the advent calendar or find as many boxes as possible the accredited activators who will pass the window of the day and one point, as in the case of a final.
BANDS: 80, 40, 20

 Secondary awards consist of completing an entire line of the image. In total there will be five lines for five different awards. Finally, the first five, which more points, get the Christmas Award, we suggest to contact more station every day. For the members and supporters of the Conero Radio Team, in line with the 2017 or 2018 to 10 December, a 5 player bonus to win the puzzle, if needed, 2 points bunus to the members of www.diplomiradio.it both for mainstream Advent Calendar winner. The ranking will be online on the first days of January 2018 and the final jpg diplomas will be shipped in the first decade of January .... For this contest will be awarded 7 diplomas for the hunters while 7 + 1 for the activators, the 7 hunter diplomas adhere to a special Christmas diploma.

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